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Businesses advocating for forward-thinking policies


bold climate action by government


in the making and implementation of effective and durable climate and clean energy policies via discussions with government 


businesses to take climate action and invest in clean solutions, and share our stories with the public

We achieve these goals by bringing together leading business voices in support of the climate policies needed to build a resilient economy. Through forums, public statements, and thought leadership, Catalyst Business Alliance members work together to ensure strong climate and clean energy policies are realized. After all, climate change is everybody’s business.


A clean economy is essential to future prosperity

Climate leadership is a value that aligns with our staff, clients, and customers

We see business opportunities in promoting and creating goods and services in a low-carbon economy 

Our businesses rely on and thrive in a stable climate

Clean Economy Leadership

Steering Committee

Julia Balabanowicz

Innergex Renewable Energy (co-chair)

Karen Tam Wu

Pembina Institute (co-chair)

Chris Heysel


Anna Stukas

Carbon Engineering

Greg Moy

Insurance Bureau of Canada

Patrick Nangle

Modo Co-operative

Robert Greenwald

Prism Engineering

Randi Kruse

MBSE Canada

Our Members

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